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LS Moonshine Bringing Clear Corn Whiskey, George Washington?s Liquid Gold, to China

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LS Moonshine Bringing Clear Corn Whiskey, George Washington’s Liquid Gold, to China

Changsha, Hunan, China (PRWEB) January 25, 2010

LS Moonshine LLC of Lansing, Michigan, is pleased to introduce its LS Moonshine, a clear corn whiskey, to the Chinese market. The legally produced “made in China” moonshine whiskey (700ml at 43 percent alcohol by volume) is now available for 999 Chinese yuan, about $ 146 U.S., making this “American baijiu” the most expensive moonshine in the world. A ceremony marking the product release will take place at 3:00 p.m., January 30 at the Sheraton Changsha Hotel in Changsha, Hunan.

”Nowadays you can find anything on the Chinese market, from Jack Daniel’s to Colgate toothpaste,” says Tong Li, president of LS Moonshine LLC. “But very few Chinese people know American moonshine, not even those who have visited the United States, which makes the moonshine whiskey a very unique gift. With the rare known fact that President George Washington started a distillery after his retirement and the story of NASCAR, moonshine’s legend, combined with our small production, will allow us to market the whiskey at the high end. It is difficult to find unique new gifts in China, especially when the Chinese New Year is approaching; every business and individual is looking for an exciting gift, and LS Moonshine is it.”

Clear corn whiskey, widely known in the United States as moonshine, has a long history in the United States, and was favored by the country’s founding father. Washington’s whiskey factory at Mount Vernon, VA, appeared in the news before and after the reconstructed Washington Distillery opening to the public in 2007, and the clear moonshine-like whiskey it produced was regarded as his “liquid gold.” The Wall Street Journal also labeled Washington as “Moonshine Patriot” and honored him as the most innovative farmer in North America.

The first Chinese moonshine distillery was constructed by LS Moonshine LLC in 2008 and is capable of producing 90,000 bottles of clear corn whiskey annually. The distillery, located at Yueyang, Hunan, equipped with a German still, started to distill and experiment with different recipes in the beginning of 2009.

“We spent more than a year to find the right recipe for Chinese people, who have a very different but uniform and consistent taste. Our goal is to provide a whiskey Chinese people would like to drink at the dinner table, not in the night clubs,” says Ian Smiley, business partner, master distiller of LS Moonshine, LLC and the author of “How To Make Pure Corn Whiskey.”

LS Moonshine LLC is expecting success in the Chinese market as it contains 1.3 billion people, of which more than 500 million are regular drinkers.

“After changing numerous recipes and distillation techniques, we finally found the correct formula for the Chinese people. Now all we have to do is release it to the market. This is a bigger gold mine than George Washington’s,” Smiley says.

LS Moonshine LLC’s Web site was recently reviewed by an artisan distiller as the “fanciest moonshine Web site around.” The company was also featured in a recent article in China International Business, ‘The International Bootleggers.’ Hunan Moonshine Liquor Co. Ltd, a joint venture between LS Moonshine LLC and a Chinese individual.

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